About Commercial Flooring









Meeting All Your Flooring Needs with Knowledge and Service.

Blakley’s Commercial Flooring division is conveniently located in Castleton, making it easier for designers, architects, owners, and contractors to stop by and browse through our extensive library of contemporary and traditional flooring choices.

Contract Services

As a large-volume buyer of building materials, Blakley’s is able to pass along the benefits of our buying power to our Commercial Flooring clients. Our Contract Specialists are happy to help them select products, produce accurate estimates, and offer expertise to ensure that building projects stay within budget parameters. Our Project Managers and Field Managers turn design objectives into successful installations, applying their product knowledge and installation expertise to ensure quality, performance, and satisfaction.

New Construction Interiors

Blakley’s is known for paying close attention to details with installations of new construction interiors. Our stringent quality control measures throughout the entire building process ensure superior craftsmanship that meets or exceeds specifications. We’re proud to have earned high marks for customer satisfaction on projects ranging from skyscrapers and shopping malls, to private homes and apartments, from hospitals and hotels to factories and restaurants.

Renovation Projects

Blakley’s experience gives us the problem-solving expertise for tough jobs with challenging existing conditions. When deadlines are critical and budgets are tight, our professional, well-supervised crews provide reliable, cost-effective service. Just as important, we ensure that our crews arrive with the right materials and equipment for the job, ensuring that we won’t create delays or additional challenges.

Occupied Carpet Replacement

Owners who cannot afford lengthy interruptions appreciate Blakley’s innovative Occupied Carpet Replacement System. We employ special tools and lifting devices to gently lift office systems furniture, dividers, and electronics enough to remove the old carpet and install new modular carpet. Nothing is misplaced and nobody is inconvenienced. Installation takes place during off-hours so your business won’t face downtime or interruptions, saving you time, money, and trouble.