About Multi-Family and New Homes

Blakley’s Multi-Family and New Homes Division has pioneered carpet, ceramic, and vinyl replacement in multi-family and senior living residences throughout central Indiana. We’ve maintained attention to detail in every aspect of our service while meeting high-volume demands, making Blakley’s the provider of choice among property and facility managers. With an average of 15 years of experience, our sales team has the knowledge and expertise to help you choose and address all your flooring needs.

Our www.indyfloors.com web portal makes it easy for property and facility managers to order the materials they need from the convenience of their office computers or smartphones. We’re also happy to take orders by phone and fax. However you choose to place your order, we’ll make sure you know we have it and when you can expect to receive the material.

Laser Room Measurements

We use state-of-the-art laser tools to ensure precise measurements of multi-family units, and then process those measurements using material-optimizing software. That allows Blakley’s to create an installation that’s tailored for your unit with minimal material waste, providing the quality you desire at the lowest cost.

We Pay Attention to the Details

We provide detailed installation drawings to our flooring installers so they install the flooring exactly as you and your multi-family salesperson envisioned it. This approach ensures consistent quality in project after project. We also use the industry’s premier systems to verify unit addresses, unit styles, and optimal flooring installation layouts. Combined, all of these extra efforts ensure that the right flooring is installed in the right unit every time.

We Treat Flooring Like Gold

Carpet for your multi-family units is stored in a climate-controlled flooring warehouse and precisely pre-cut for every room and unit using our state-of-the-art technology. We load the cut carpet directly into the installers’ trucks. That means carpet for your units is never cut in the parking lot and that it won’t get wet, soiled, or snowed on.

Blakley’s Installation Professionals Make the Difference

Our professional installers arrive in your facility in uniforms, so you and your residents can identify them. Before they install materials, they’ll disinfect the unit with an odor-removing enzyme solution and seal the floor if necessary. They’ll install carpet using mechanical power-stretching equipment to ensure that the carpet looks its very best and will stay wrinkle-free for years to come. Finally, they’ll vacuum the unit all the way back to the truck, re-hang doors (if hardware is provided), clean counters and other floors, and haul any waste materials to the Blakley’s recycling center. (We promise that you’ll never find our waste in your dumpster.) Now your unit is ready for the new resident!